CBD 101: Everything You Need to Know

CBD is everywhere right now: from trendy wellness shops to your dog’s food bowl, it is almost impossible to escape those three little letters.

While many brands have hopped aboard the CBD train, there are many of us still wondering what exactly it is. It’s true that CBD is federally legal but it is also unregulated, which means there can be a lot of conflicting information to wade through.

If you’re searching for answers, look no further than our CBD 101 guide. We’ll break down the basics.

CBD Basics

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of over 100 different cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. Despite the fact that it is derived from cannabis, CBD does not get you high (THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for those psychoactive effects) but still maintains many of the potential wellness benefits of the plant.

However, it was not until the passing of 2018’s Farm Bill that many brands and researchers alike were free to explore CBD as a potential alternative to traditional medicine. This bill legalized the cultivation of hemp as long as it contains less than .03% THC, essentially rendering it non-psychoactive, and opened the door for CBD curious manufacturers across the United States.

Since legalization, brands have developed a wide range of CBD-infused products like:

  • CBD Oil, Tinctures, and Capsules
  • CBD Pet Products
  • CBD Skincare and Beauty Products
  • Edibles and Drinks
  • Topicals (like lotions and balms)

Final Thoughts

Our brand consistently creates a high-quality product that is made with love and honesty, so you never have to question what you are getting yourself into. In our shop, you’ll find everything from pet goods to Oil tinctures so we trust that there is something for everyone.

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