Everything You Need to Know about Delta

Everything You Need to Know about Delta-8

Benefits of Delta-8

The National Cancer Institute describes Delta-8, most popularly known as D-8 as THC cousin and relative. This relationship is because it possesses similar properties to THC. It also contains the ability to help you stimulate your appetite. Unlike the THC, popularly known as Delta-9, Delta-8 tends to give out a reduced psychoactive density and is preferred by marijuana users due to the mild “high” it allows for.

The benefits of Delta-8 are now clear to us with research on mice by government scientists in 1974, and the effects observed were remarkable. There was no inherent harm, and the “high” was very low with a low concentration. Here are some of the benefits of D8 from the users’ experience and several types of research.

●     Relief of Pain

According to a 2018 research carried out in a preclinical study in mice, you can use THC as medicine for pain relief. We observe that the application of Delta-8 can help you reduce pain, and this effect is a result of the CB1 receptors to which the cannabinoid easily binds.

●     Antiemetic Property

Reducing nausea, i.e., vomiting, has been observed to be one of the benefits of Delta-8, especially in the post-treatment of cancer patients. This nausea suppression has inclined the US government to issue a patent for the usage of Delta-8 for antiemetic purposes.

●     Capable of Stimulating Appetite

Any child suffering from lack of appetite can take Delta-8, especially those who are undergoing treatments for cancer. Most Delta-8 users have reported increased appetite after the cannabinoid usage. This is why we at GalaxyCBD create our products with caution and skill, so that they will effectively improve our user’s appetite.

●     It Has Little to No Side Effects

Due to its reduced potency when compared with Delta-9, D8 has little or no side effects. Therefore, all observed impacts amongst people who use cannabinoids are null and void in its usage.

●     It Has a Higher Chance of Reducing Cancer

Delta-8 has shown tendencies that make it seen as a strong attack against cancer. Studies carried out in Shaare Zedek Hospital, Bikur Holim Hospital, and even Hebrew University Hospital has shown proof of its ability to fight cancer. It became evident after about 480 cancer treatments was successful with the help of THC. The earlier research of 1974 established the same trait, and this has made the cannabinoid a must-have for all cancer patients.

●     Neuroprotective Ability

With Delta-8 being able to bond quickly to the CB1 receptors, studies carried out have shown that it helps to enhance memory function, cognitive abilities, and even acetylcholine development and production.

●     Reduces anxiety

The paranoia that comes along when you use Delta-9 THC is absent with Delta-8. It leaves a calm, clear-headed, relaxed sensation after you finish using it.

How Does It Work?

The receptor CB1 found in the central nervous system controlling nearly all psychotropic. THC effects where Delta-8 binds itself. Its binding is straightforward due to the altered nature of its molecular structure. The unique binding makes it possible for it to provide all of the benefits it accounts for.

Delta-8 FAQs

What’s the Best Way to Consume D-8?

You can consume D-8 in several ways. It presents itself in a thick distilled form after all the extraction and concentration process involved has been carried out in our labs. Most users seem to prefer taking it orally as it is edible. Other means by which you can use it include sublingual usage, inhaling, vaping, and even dabbing.

Does Delta-8 Help With Anxiety?

The US National Library of Medicine indicates that Delta-8 has immense anxiety-reducing property akin to Delta-9. The calmness and focus it leaves in its wake shows strong reasons to believe it can help you with anxiety.

How Long Does the “High” Last?

The “high” produced by D-8 varies from person to person. If vaped and inhaled, the effect can start in 20 minutes and last for 5 hours. However, when you take it orally, the result can last for 12 hours. 

It depends on your strength and the THC’s purity like those produced by Galaxy CBD company. Generally, vaporized D-8 has a shorter “high” time frame when compared with when taken orally.

What’s the Legal Age for Taking D-8?

There is no regulation as regards the minimum age of taking Delta-8. Nevertheless, most states have laws that require people purchasing to be up to the age of 21.

Can cancer patients use D-8?

Cancer patients can use D-8 as it provides a whole load of benefits to them. It assists in killing cancer cells, reduces nausea during chemotherapy, amongst others.

Can it be vaped or distilled?

You can vape Delta-8 or even distill it. During vaping, we recommend that you should use a standard weed pen to enhance your vaping experience.

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