Seeds vs Clones

If you have the means to purchase either seeds or clones, which of the two will you get and why? Purchasing seeds seems appealing because of how cheap it is, but with seeds, there are so many probabilities and things can always go bad. Purchasing a bad seed can make you lose money when it yields a bad harvest, a male seed can also pollinate your plant or your neighbors’ plant thereby ruining your harvest, the seeds can also have a bad germination rate. But with cloned plants, the risks are limited being that you can see a live plant and also get a Certificate of analysis(COA)  for the mother plant which will fill you in on what the CBD and THC mix is.

In getting either seeds or clones, you need to first understand the concept of the two before deciding which is best for you.



When deciding on which to use between seeds and clones, seeds are initially more appealing because of how inexpensive they are but buying seeds comes with lots of risks ranging from their germination rates, their stability genetically, and the femininity of the seeds. Those are factors to look into when purchasing a seed but if you have a trusted supplier and have an idea of what to do, then seeds can be a great idea for you. Below are things to know about or consider when purchasing seeds.

  • GERMINATION: when purchasing seeds, the first thing you should consider is its rate of germination, is the seed going to germinate? what is the percentage of germination, is it below or above 90%. The germination rate of a seed can be measured by where and how it’s being grown which is typically in a climate-controlled greenhouse. when buying seeds, there is always a probability that it won’t yield the same germination rate, you may get a 50% rate or even less when you try to sow it on the field directly generate poor yields. To avoid poor yields, you should have the seller germinate your seeds for you in small plugs so you can plant them yourself in a proper pot and a greenhouse setup where you can germinate them yourself eventually. Though if you are not a large producer, this method can incur more costs, and it’s most risky and stressful than germinating your seed with your seed provider.
  • FEMINIZATION: when buying seeds, it’s important to know what gender you are buying, a female seed is recommended for growing in contrast to a male seed. You may be wondering what is a feminized seed, a feminized is a seed taken from a female plant which when taken through numerous specialized tests can create pollen that can pollinate themselves and other clones of themselves.  The seeds that will be produced by the plants will only have the x chromosomes which are only found in females and will grow plants that are 99% female. Why are female plants important for growing seeds, the female plant produces more CBD than male plants. Though when growing a female plant, you should be careful about not having a male plant around it to avoid pollination because once a female plant is pollinated, it focuses on growing seeds rather than producing CBD which reduces the yields you should get from your plants drastically, a male plant can also pollinate your neighbor’s plants thereby putting them at risks.
  • GENETIC STABILITY: genetic stability is not guaranteed in seeds even those seeds that yielded bountifully the previous year are not guaranteed to produce that much in the recent harvest. Though an unstable genetic can result in breeding by a person who does not have years of experience, there is a process of breeding that controls the genetics generation of breeding in plants to ensure genetic stability. Genetic instability can result in seeds having genetic drift and inconsistency in crop harvest and can likely produce plants that will contain too much THC and some containing low CBD with only a few being acceptable. To avoid playing the game of roulette with your plant, you should get a trusted supplier with immense knowledge of plant genetics who isn’t scared of touring your facility and has at least 5-10 years of experience in breeding the hemp plant.

Growing your plant from seeds prevents the spread of disease and is rid of pests. While growing a plant from a seed or cloning are different ways of growing hemp, a plant that is grown from seed produces/ yields more than a cloned plant. Plants that are grown from seed naturally have a tap root whereas a cloned plant is unable to produce a taproot. A taproot aids plants to take in water and support its nutrients uptake, it acts as an anchor for the plants which provides better support. Individuals who grow their plants outdoors prefer growing their plants from seeds for this reason; meanwhile, indoor growers can use a cloned plant because taproots are not necessarily needed and is not a major concern, as plants do not require taproots to grow in pots. Growing from seed can also lessen the chances of pests or diseases that can be gotten from cutting. Growing from seed also lessens your chances of inheriting any pests or diseases from a cutting.


A clone is a plant cut out of a mature plant that is placed and rooted into a small pot for it to regrow into a new plant. When a plant is cloned, it has all the properties and genetic makeup of the mother plant. A mother plant can either be gotten from a seed source, a nursery, or from your garden. A clone is always ready which is an added advantage to the purchaser, and as a farmer, this boosts your confidence when talking to a genetic producer because all your plants are from the same gene and are all female. If your plants have a genetic composition specific to them and have been tested in the lab for the presence of CBD and THC, then clones of the plants can be made and you can be confident in the quality of your plant. As a farmer, you can supervise the cutting of the clone from the mother before transporting them to be planted.

A mother plant is expected to be kept in a vegetative stage by being kept in a 16-24 hour light cycle which prevents the mother plant from becoming a flower. One reason why people allow their plant to take a cutting is that they can replicate their most productive and high-yielding plant multiple times.

Purchasing seeds and clones can be quite challenging without the proper knowledge and a trusted supplier, getting a trusted supplier such as Galaxy CBD can help you in making the right selection. You can reach us here.

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